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Rene Bourgoin rb2.net at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 20:53:45 EST 2008

Response to Martjin on Grok ZMI
I'm a beginner when it comes to web dev. I've gone throught the tutorials
for zope 2 and yes i like the zmi and the old zope 2 ways.
I've also gone through some of the grok tutorials as well.
(please while reading this,note that i'm a newbie at programming and web dev

My attraction to the zmi is not because i can do it TTW. If the ZMI was a
non browser based app and gave me the same
functionality i'd be happy with that.  The zmi made it easy to add products
in and listed what was available to add.
as i look at Grok and read up on how powerful it is because of its zope3
back end i'm mystified. I have no idea what
components are available and how to add them into my Grok app. When i go
through the tutorial it appears to me
that grok is no different then cherrypy.  If there are zope 3 components out
there that will make things easier and quicker to
develop like a crud or bread :) then some how the Grok people need to find
some way for people like me to add this into our Grok
app fairly easily through some type of Grokwidget or ZMI gui, what ever.
As i have researched other frameworks one thing i see missing is an auto
generate crud or bread for public use.
It appears to me that most auto cruds or "database admin interfaces" i see
are more geared towards and administrator that
wants to add data to a database table. I don't see the advantage to this
when you can do this using a database gui client like
phpmyadmin. It would be more useful to me that a crud or bread be auto
generated for public internet use. It should also be easily
customized with form validator helpers.
The only way I see myself using a zope technology is through Grok. Zope 2 is
lost and zope 3 is to hard.
But if Grok does not find a way to add these powerful zope 3 components easy
for people like me then it will
probably remain a framework for experienced Zope developers only.
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