[Grok-dev] content work on the site

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sun Jan 6 09:51:31 EST 2008

Hi there,

I've been working on the Plone site, and here I'll give a summary of my 

* The homepage now points to the verbs. I started introducing verb 
pages, but only 'evaluate' at this point does anything useful. Please 
help fill them out! They don't need to be large, just point people in 
the right direction.

* I've reorganized the 'about' section, in particular reordering the 
entries and separating the code sample section from 'who is Grok'.

* I've switched the text in the 'about' section to use restructured text 
instead of HTML. We already had restructured text available for this 
content. I think our first choice should be to use restructured text 
over HTML, unless we really want to do special effects like on the homepage.

* I've renamed some of the noun categories to the same name as the title 
('develop' -> project and 'participate' -> community). We really 
shouldn't let those do double duty. Note that I don't know what the 
different would be between 'project' and 'community'; I'd say the issue 
tracker for instance should be under community. Other things are more 
like release documentation and installation information.

Some comments and suggestions:

* I noticed that the navigation at the bottom (in the about folder) is a 
bit misaligned in Firefox. The 'Previous' links look fine, but the 
'Next' links are so low that they fall through the green horizontal line 
below it.

* I don't like the way 'description' is used. That is, I like how they 
show up in the folder over view pages like for the 'about' section or 
the main tutorial (though some 'no description' bits are missing there). 
I don't like how this text appears on top of the normal page in bold. 
This often breaks the flow of the text, making it harder to read. I'd 
prefer it if the description did *not* appear visibly on the normal 
pages, and was only used by the overviews. I don't know whether this is 
a recommended way to use Plone, however.

There's a lot more content work to be done, and it'll go faster if I get 
help to do so. Anyone up for writing the 'learn', 'develop' and 
'participate' sections? That would involve writing a short text like for 
'evaluate', linking to relevant resources. It would also involve 
creating/organizing those resources, should they not be there yet, or 
not in the right place.

The idea is that the main verbs are just simple flat pages with text 
pointing to the right places in our site organization. Eventually we 
might introduce tagging to automate what's in the verb pages, but that's 
a later concern.



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