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Sun Jan 6 14:22:16 EST 2008

Wow! Someone aready added the KSS tutorial that's awesome.

On Jan 6, 2008 8:11 AM, Kevin Teague <kevin at bud.ca> wrote:

> >
> > I'm already registered so feel free to add permissions.
> I've created a new Group on the site called "Documentation". Anyone
> with the Site Admin role can add people to this Group.
> http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/prefs_group_members?groupname=Documentation
> I've also just put everyone currently registered with the site in this
> group. Then I granted full access to just the /documentation/ section
> of the web site (I assigned the Manager role as a Local Role at the
> root of the PHC install). We might want to get a bit more fine-grained
> with permissions in the future, but that should be good enough for now.
> You should be able to add, edit and publish a this doc as a How-To at:
> http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/documentation/how-to
> (you should see an "add how-to" link in the top left - unless I've not
> quite got the permissions loose-enough yet ...)
> >
> > Not being a technical writer, I just did the best I could to write
> > something that would have helped me a lot. Also I'm not sure I made
> > any attempt to conform to a grok-style of documentation.
> >
> The grok-style of documentation is to provide text that other people
> might find helpful :)
> We basically have wiki-style permissions on the docs at the moment.
> Other Documentation people may make minor edits to existing text to
> correct obvious errors, typos, broken links, etc. If people want to
> make larger expansions to an existing work, then it's polite to notify
> the original author, and you should notify the original author first
> if you feel that taking on a larger reworking of the text that would
> be beneficial.
> >
> > Is it ok if people submit documentation under a creative commons
> > license? It would seem to be ok to me.
> > What's a good attribution system to follow? Credits at the end with
> > authors and smaller contributors listed? Maybe i"ll explore the
> > creative commons website.
> If you create a work you will be listed as it's primary author. It's
> also possible to edit this on the Properties tab for a document in the
> Plone Help Center, as well as list additional contributors by name.
> For a content licensing the default for Plone Help Center is "GNU Free
> Documentation License" but this is just a string which can be
> configured globally for all content in the Plone Help Center. Since we
> are pulling content such as the Grok Tutorial from the Zope SVN repo,
> are we required to give that a ZPL license? Or is a Creative Commons
> license better? Plone.org has the text "All content is copyright Plone
> Foundation and the original contributors" so would similar wording
> with "Zope Foundation" apply?
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