[Grok-dev] Home page text layout is ugly on wide browser windows

Carlos de la Guardia carlos.delaguardia at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 08:18:00 EST 2008


congratulations on your efforts to get a new and more complete site going. I
tried the home page of Grok in a browser window that's 1200 pixels wide on
Firefox and the text layout is broken, because the description of what is
Grok shows up in two columns, both with very little text, and the paragraph
about how Grok accomplishes its objectives seems to be a continuation of the
first description column, confusing the reader. It would be better to keep a
one column layout, since the quantity of text does not even need the two
columns. Also, the text of the second heading is directly beside the
heading, instead of below it.

Carlos de la Guardia
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