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> Wendy Stevens Nashville Tennesee, Video Marketing Research
> Wendy Stevens Franklin Tennesee
>  With the popularity of video marketing increasing by leaps and bounds,
> video market research is not far behind and people are using videos for
> their market research. An easy way to do this is to upload some videos to
> popular sites like YouTube Or Google Videos. The videos that you upload
> should be relevant to the product or service that you are offering. The
> advantage of using video market research is that you can see how the market
> responds to your videos by looking at the amount of views that your videos
> have got.
>  Sites like YouTube also give viewers the ability to submit their views and
> comments about the videos that they watch. If the videos have been able to
> connect emotionally with the people in your target market then you will get
> a large number of responses and feedback from people. This way you can learn
> what the prospective customer is thinking about your products or services.
> Video market research, when used in this fashion, urges the customers to
> give a much faster response and thus helps the marketer to improve the
> products by following customer feedback.
>  Video Market research can also help affiliate marketers to find out popular
> niches by looking at the number of views that a certain video is getting. If
> a video in a certain niche is getting a large number of views and positive
> feedback from the viewers then you can be sure that the niche is very
> popular and profitable.
>  During the Video market research phase, you could also offer the people a
> free report or a free software and urge them to complete a survey where you
> could find out more about what they are thinking about your product . An
> even better, video market research strategy is to convince your prospective
> customers to subscribe to your mailing list to receive updates about your
> product and help in beta testing. People would readily agree to subscribe to
> your mailing list and beta test your product if you offer them some sort of
> a reward, such as a discount when the final product is ready for the market.
>  In this way, you can use this free dvd to not only gain feedback about
> product development, but also how to find people that will readily buy your
> product when it is launched.
>  About the Author: Russell Brunson has been a successful internet marketer
> over the last 4 years, he is actively helping other people to achieve their
> goals online. For more information go to
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