[Grok-dev] Re: [grok-br] Grok 1.0 and beyond

Christopher Perkins chris at percious.com
Wed Jan 9 12:15:49 EST 2008

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the positive feedback.
I am happy to support anyone willing to get dbsprockets running under
Zope/Grok, just send me a note if you get stuck.  I really need beta

Here is a link to the google discussion group. 

Feel free to check-in from time to time.  I actually released the first
beta version in a few weeks last night.


>>> You can see some additional information on how things are supposed
>>> to work here.
>>> http://code.google.com/p/dbsprockets/wiki/DBSprocketsAPI
>> That's, that's interesting!
> Wow, I second that.  Awesome work Chris!  I am so glad to hear there
> is a CRUD interface for SQLAlchemy, yes!  One of my personal agendas
> is to get more Python Web GUI's built for things that PHP does.  If
> Python is truly such a great Web Development language then we need to
> have things that inspect databases, control databases, control unix
> services, etc.
> On a somewhat related note, Chris McDonough, and I are thinking of
> trying to get some ZODB/SQLAlchemy/WSGI pipelines working between
> compatible WSGI products and frameworks, like Grok/Plone/Zope/
> Turbogears/Pylons.  It does seem like getting some communication
> channels going at least could be pretty productive, as WSGI is what
> excites me.  I think it is really cool to potentially be able to throw
> up a Plone 3 site, get 95 % of what you want for free, then write a
> SQLAlchemy database that talks to Plone 3 and say Turbogears and Grok,
> and then have Transaction Management handle database interactions
> across all the webapps.  That is almost science fiction, but I like
> science fiction.  In the end, having the ability to bring up a GUI to
> check things out, is nice.
> Also, Turbogears has some interesting ideas unrelated to just
> Databases.  The Toscawidgets idea is really cool.  I think it would
> really interesting to have an the equivalent of XCode/Interface
> Builder for Javascript Libraries in Python.  Who wants to keep writing
> the same old crappy Javascript over and over.  Maybe you just drag and
> drop code from a showcase of widgets that work on any web framework.
> Ok, enough ranting :)
>> Regards,
>> Martijn

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