[Grok-dev] LoginDemo and PlainLoginDemo

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Tue Jan 15 06:01:45 EST 2008

>> Hey,
>> Once I checkout PlainLoginDemo, is there an easy way to get grok to  
>> load it as an application? I can place it in Sample/src/ 
>> PlainLoginDemo but it doesn't get picked up by grok which is only  
>> looking in Sample/src/sample.
>> Thanks.

It's possible to edit parts/app/site.zcml and make an export of your  
PYTHONPATH as a quick kludge to get two apps running together, but  
it's very easy to install a Grok app in a self-contained environment.

$ cd PlainLoginDemo
$ python bootstrap/bootstrap.py
$ ./bin/buildout
$ ./bin/zopectl fg

You will want to configure zc.buildout to use a shared eggs directory,  
otherwise you will wind up with many copies of the same egg on your  
system. I've written up how to do this here:


(I'm also a bit new to many aspects of buildout, so zc.buildout  
people, please feel free to expound upon this a bit more)

(We also need to push the new web site out the door real soon now,  
we're giving out the URL to the "preview" site a lot ... )

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