[Grok-dev] Text doesn't wrap on website

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Fri Jan 18 03:04:50 EST 2008

The font size was set to browser default (100%) but if you were  
authoring content (logged into the site with edit privies) then font  
size was at 80%. This was kind of messing me up since I was doing some  
CSS work while logged in. Browser default is kind of large (that whole  
everyone-makes-their-typographer smaller-than-normal thing), so I've  
set it to 85% - although arguably now the text may be on the small  
size for some ...

Thank you Uli for giving us line numbers, that rocks!

The ReST conversion to HTML produces elements that have a lot of  
default spacing between them. I've just given the typography on the  
site a going over to try and accomodate this and make things more  
readable. (Remember, the site is in production-mode so it's caching  
CSS aggressively).

I've put together the beginnings of a tutorial we can use to help  
beginners get started with contributing documentation to the web site:


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