[Grok-dev] a prominent 'download' link + area on the site

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Fri Jan 18 14:29:17 EST 2008

> I think the site is getting closer to being launch-ready. I saw  
> people linked back the main verbs entries that weren't filled in yet  
> to the noun sections, and I think we can probably live with this for  
> now (the launchpad link should still go to 'community', as it's not  
> really about developing *with* Grok.)

Yes, I was tinkering with the links. launchpad link? Not 100% which  
link you mean? Can you edit this link to point to where it should go?

I think we can switch the site over very soon ... there is still  
tonnes more things we can do to make it better, but we've on the whole  
got more on the new site than the old site. The only thing I still  
want to do before re-launch is create a better Documentation home page.

> I agree though with Sebastian that we need the 'download' button  
> back in the veb section, and we need a download section which  
> explains how to get going with Grok (link to the first section of  
> the tutorial, and to special documents including troubleshooting,  
> platform specific notes, etc). This is something everybody who looks  
> to try out Grok will be looking for, after all.

Yes, the Download link is a good idea.  I only removed the link  
because I didn't want to write text for that page as I wasn't really  
sure what to put there. Writing top level marketing-ish oriented text  
isn't always the most fun :(

I also put the "Evalute" page as the default page for About Grok, but  
I'm not quite sure if this is better or worse?

Also note that for the Titles of many pages on the site I've been  
trying to leave the word "Grok" out of them wherever possible. The  
word Grok is already implicitly stated since it is the Grok web site.  
If we put Grok in every title the navigation and listing pages will  
read as, "Grok blah Grok blah blah Grok Grok blah Grok blah Grok".  
Which is a lot of the word Grok.

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