[Grok-dev] [website] Documenation by Topic

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sun Jan 20 07:30:09 EST 2008

I've just deployed a new cusotm home page for the Grok Documentation  
section of the web site, as well as a new Documentation by Topic  


I also did a bit of reorganization for the Sections. I removed the  
"Basic Use" and "Advanced Features", there is supposed to be an  
"Audience" field which you can choose "Beginner Developer", "Advanced  
Developer" or "Server Administrator" to allow us to mark audience  
targeted content (except it's not appearing as a choice right now.  
I'll have to look into that.)

Sections have been categorized with Subsections. Those in the  
Documenation group can add new sections by editing the Help Center  
itself. Make sure that sections are in the form of:

"Web Services: REST"

With a ": " seperating the Section/Subsection. Also note that if you  
are categorizing something as part of a Subsection, it will always be  
marked as part of it's parent Section.

A couple section headers I wondered about: "URL Configuration" is what  
non-zope people would think of it as, "URL Traversal" would be the  
traditional Zope term (here I went with the non-zope term).  
"Principals and Security" uses the security-centric terms, while  
others may think of this as "Users and Permissions" or maybe  
"Authentication and Authorization".

There are also lots of blank holes in the documentation, so plenty of  
exciting, fun-filled Grok docs to be written in 2008!

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