[Grok-dev] Autoincluding ZCML for package dependencies

Ethan Jucovy ejucovy at openplans.org
Mon Jan 21 08:24:56 EST 2008

Hey Grok community,

My colleague Robert Marianski and I are at the Snow Sprint and we've
been having a lot of fun looking at Grok.  We've been working with
Martijn for the past couple of days on a package to automatically
include ZCML for a project's required dependencies (by looking at
`install_requires`) to eliminate the need for redundant "<include
package='...'>"s.  I've just written a blog post about this code and
our work on it which I thought some of you might be interested in
(here: http://www.openplans.org/projects/opencore/blog/2008/01/21/automatic-inclusion-of-zcml/
).  (I also wrote a shorter post just describing my impressions of
Grok in general here:
-- but the title says it all: "Grok is Awesome.")

We've got pretty good test coverage and a passing test suite, though
we haven't yet quite managed to confirm that it works in a "live"
environment, so we're working on doing that and finishing up the code.
 If you'd like to take a look, it's currently hosted here:

Ethan Jucovy

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