[Grok-dev] Using grok trunk

Tim Terlegård tim.terlegard at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 17:46:13 EST 2008

I read this thread about how one can use grok trunk in buildout for an  

But this doesn't work for me when I try grok 0.11. The beginning of
the buildout.cfg looks like this:

develop = .
parts = app data zopectl i18n test
find-links =
eggs-directory = /Users/tim/buildout-eggs
newest = false
extends= http://grok.zope.org/releaseinfo/grok-0.11.1.cfg
versions = versions

grok = 0.12dev

Running bin/buildout I get this error:

~/dev/viewlets $ ./bin/buildout
Develop: '/Users/tim/dev/viewlets/.'
Updating app.
Getting distribution for 'grok==0.12dev'.
  Updating app.
  Getting distribution for 'grok==0.12dev'.
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'grok==0.12dev'.

What am I doing wrong?

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