[Grok-dev] The nuisance of the change/restart cycle

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Jan 22 08:01:26 EST 2008

I find myself spending a lot of time making small changes to code,  
restarting the application and testing the effect of the changes.

I understand that it is a long way until the entire Grok application  
can be instantly changed. So I wonder if one could find a working  

What if one could mark a method or class as interactive, thus causing  
it to recompile if it has been updated. That way one could at least  
solve and verify problems within the scope of that method/class  
without lots of restarts.

   def my_method():
      # This code is recompiled each call.

Such a solution would probably reduce my restarts by a factor of ten!

Mvh Sebastian

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