[Grok-dev] An untapped area..?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Jan 23 05:09:32 EST 2008

23 jan 2008 kl. 06.49 skrev Jeff Shell:

> The area that I'm unsure of is what happens when someone grows beyond
> what Grok makes easy. Because very few things stay small and simple
> for long.

I agree with the essence of your post. In fact, Jeff, you pointing me  
in the right direction is the reason why I got into Grok in the first  
place... I was looking at Turbo Gears, Pylons, Django but decided that  
they were dead ends compared to what I saw in the Grok/Zope3/Zodb combo.

My impression (I am only a simple user) is that since Grok differs  
from plain Zope 3 in that all the configuration is done in the code  
and thus maintaining several customised installations thus requires  
you to build several applications. But that's it. You still retaing  
the same flexibility and scalability.

In other words, the case of the small application that grows big isn't  
the issue, but rather the case of the big application that goes  
customised on multiple sites.

Mvh Sebastian

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