[Grok-dev] +1 to open up the new site

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jan 23 11:09:11 EST 2008

Hi there,

I'm +1 to open up the new site on grok.zope.org. Even in development 
form, the use of Plone is already paying off - we're adding new and 
useful documentation at an impressive rate! Let's keep that up - this 
documentation is a tremendous resource for everybody using Grok. To 
beginners, but also to everybody else, including myself. I'm very 
excited about this!

Thanks for the absolutely excellent work, website people! In particular 
I'd like to thank Kevin Teague for pushing this one to the finish.

Let's keep an eye open for ways to improve the website as we proceed - 
the opening of the website doesn't close the process of improving it. 
Please do continue giving us feedback!



P.S. If you want access to add documentation to the website, please 
contact myself and Kevin Teague, or just post to this list.

P.P.S Kevin, we should perhaps add the procedure on how to get access to 
the website on this page:


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