[Grok-dev] web site navigation

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Mon Jan 28 03:39:33 EST 2008

On Jan 25, 2008, at 4:33 AM, Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:

<assorted complaints about poor navigation in the Documentation area>

I've just made an update to the web site with some fixes to the  
Documentation area:

  * Tutorial link is more prominent. I put the Campfire graphic there  
to help draw attention to it.

  * Search widget for just Documentation in the docs portlet.

  * "Grok Documentation" links to the Documentation home page.

  * Portlet Header text is a bit more readable.

  * Two PloneHelpCenter bug fixes:

   - restructured-text is no longer a false option for the Description  

   - The Audiences field is once again useable. You can assign content  
to one of three Audiences ATM:

    * Developer
    * Advanced Developer
    * Server Administrator

Still more to do, in particular, if you are in a Tutorial, once you  
view the content pages you can't easily get back to the Tutorial  
overview page. It's late though, I'll fix that another day.

> It would be nice if the pretty logo for the section of the site you're
> in appeared prominently at the top of the navigation bar or something
> to make it look more strongly like you've arrived, and are now
> navigating within, the part of the site you wanted to visit.
> I suppose that actual caveman-looking icons would be too difficult to
> recognize?

I think it would be ideal we used icons + extra bit of colour to  
differentiate each of the four main areas of the web site. Perhaps  
with navigation tabs across the top, and a custom Portlet for each of  
the four areas. I think caveman icons in the style of "new" Grok  
character could work. But maybe we will have 5 or 6 sections to our  
web site later this year (e.g. Blog or Grok Applications sections).

> Death to HTML!  Long live ReST! :-)

Viva la HTML! HTML4Life!

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