[Grok-dev] Problem with uploading image files and processing them in the same request

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Jan 29 09:12:01 EST 2008

I am trying to upload image files and then creating a thumbnail in the  
same request. I get a...

   IOError: image file is truncated (57 bytes not processed)

Is this due to the fact that the file hasn't been written to disk yet,  
and what can I do to avoid it?

This is the code that I have put in my grok.action('Save')...

   obj.local_file_path = '/the/full/path/to/my/file'

...and I am saving an image posted through a HTTP form POST...

   uploadedFile = self.request.form['upfile']
   file = open(obj.local_file_path, 'wb')

...immediately opening it again, to create a thumbnail...

   im = Image.open(obj.local_file_path)
   size = 256,256
   im.save('%s.thumb' % obj.local_file_path, "JPEG")

Mvh Sebastian

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