[Grok-dev] Re: paster vs grokproject

Tim Terlegård tim.terlegard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 15:30:17 EST 2008

On Jan 29, 2008, at 4:21 PM, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

> Tim Terlegård wrote:
>> I think the local command feature of paster can be used to make
>> stuff easier for beginners. For instance someone asked on #grok
>> where he should put his new app. You need to add stuff to setup.py,
>> buildout.cfg and then create these files in src/newapp. It's not
>> obvious what to do.
> I don't understand the problem. Why couldn't this person have used  
> grokproject?

With 'app' I mean a python package that contains an app.py and a
class that inherits from grok.Application. grokproject doesn't create  
as far as I know, it just creates the initial one.

>> I would like to do like this:
>> $ cd /tmp
>> $ paster create -t grokproject MyCoolProject
>> $ cd MyCoolProject
>> $ paster create app sampleapp
>> When creating the sample app it adds what is added today with
>> grokproject when you create the new project, but it also adds the
>> python package to setup.py, configure.zcml, buildout.cfg or
>> whereever it's necessary.
> Can you elaborate what you mean by 'app'? Do you want multiple  
> packages or multiple eggs within a project? What's the problem with  
> creating multiple projects? Can you contrast what you currently have  
> to do to achieve whatever you're trying to achieve vs. what you'd  
> like it to look like?

Now we have this 'app' discussion again  :)  it's such an evil word.

To me grokproject creates a 'project' and in src it creates an 'app'
with the same name as the project.

As far as I know there's no grokproject switch to create another
app than the initial one. If I want to add a new app to the project
I'd do something like:

$ cd MyProject/src
$ mkdir newapp
$ cp initialapp/__init__.py newapp/
$ cp initialapp/app.py newapp/
$ cp-r initialapp/app_templates newapp/
$ cp initialapp/configure.zcml newapp/
$ cp initialapp/ftesting.zml newapp/
$ cp initialapp/testing.py newapp/
$ edit setup.py and buildout.cfg

Perhaps I misunderstood 'app'. Is there only supposed to be one
app (grok.Application) on a website?

So let's just call it a python package. I may want to split up a website
in several pckages. If I don't need more than one app.py and one
app_templates there are still some files left that I have to copy and  

That's why I think it'd be nice with a local command that creates these

>  paster create -t plone3buildout
>  cd MyPloneApp
>  paster contenttype FooDocument
> While this is nice for Plone/Zope3 where writing a content type  
> involves a bunch of different things (interface, class, ZCML, CMF  
> registry, etc.), I hope that it's easy enough with Grok that we  
> won't need this kind of automation. If we needed it, we should think  
> about making Grok easier in the relevant places.

I agree, for most stuff we shouldn't need a tool that generates files.
But when creating a new python package there are obviously some
files that needs to be added. You probably create those files in a
second, but beginners might not now which file is needed and
which is not. And I would be glad if I didn't have to copy those files.


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