[Grok-dev] Re: error_log?

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Tue Jul 1 10:32:35 EDT 2008

2008/7/1 Philipp von Weitershausen <philipp at weitershausen.de>:
> Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>> Have I missed something or does Grok not have an error_log?
> Sure it does. There's a default error reporting utility in the root's site:
> http://localhost:8080/++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility. And you
> can always create one in your own site (of course you also need to register
> it).

I don't understand how to create one in my own site nor how to register it.
All I have is a app in a Grok root. I suppose this works the same as
in Zope2; that you have a global error_log but you can, and Plone
does, create a local error_log by creating a new object. The
equivalent in Zope3 would be to do the registration.

> error_log is a Zope2ism which perfectly illustrates how Zope 2 looks up
> components by name ("error_log") and Zope 3 doesn't (it looks up utilities
> which may or may not be persistent, and may be more local than others and
> thus shadowing others, just like in Zope 2).
Are there other hidden gems like this that and we could perhaps move
into the Grok admin interface?

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