[Grok-dev] Re: error_log?

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jul 3 15:03:38 EDT 2008


There are a number of things wrong with the current error log situation 
and Grok.

We got to show this information in the Grok UI.

The Grok UI will, as Uli and I discussed it, hopefully eventually evolve 
besides the settings per instance also a "settings per application" 
screen, which should show information about relevant local utilities (at 
least the ones that register a UI with Grok). The error log should be 
one of them. I think the per application UI should have the ability to 
install new local utilities if local utilities declare themselves as 
installable through the UI. I want to stay away from overly general 
ZMI-like stuff while still having the option of good configuration 
screens for general stuff that you can install with Grok. (other 
candidates for per-app configuration UIs are the default user management 
screens and megrok.rdb connection settings).

For the time being however I think it makes sense to add the global 
error log to the Grok UI. Application specific error logs are a nice 
optional feature, but we don't really need it to get errors.

The default error log that is installed when you install grok has the 
'copy exceptions to the event log' option turned off. We should consider 
turning this on by default.

Who wants to make launchpad issues, and who wants to do the 
implementation? Let's do the easy steps first: a global UI bit that 
shows the error log somewhere, and I think turning the exceptions on in 
the event log.



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