[Grok-dev] megrok.rdb updated

Santiago Videla santiago.videla at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 14:37:58 EDT 2008


I forgot to say that the main problem that I found, was how to use, always
the same metadata object (at least, I think that was the problem)

I did this:

           __init__.py  ### create the metadata object

> myProject.clients/
>      myProject/
>          clients/
>              models.py  ###  Clients models (rdb.Model)
>              ....

in model.py, I import the metadata like this: from myProject import rdb as

and then I do: rdb.metadata(myRDB.metadata)

> src/
>      ProjectExmple/
>             app.py ### use Client models
>             ....

here, in app.py I also import the metadata object from myProject.rdb and
setUp the database

this seems to be working
what do you think? it may cause some problems in the future?


Santiago Videla

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