[Grok-dev] Re: Grok release steps document moved

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Jul 9 22:24:44 EDT 2008

> Cool! Do you have a plan what steps we should be taking here?  
> Obviously a decent version for Grok 0.13 should be published the new  
> way first. Then how do we tell Plone to link to the new docs?


  - Review CSS for cross-browser compatability (I will do this)

  - Update Plone docs: Minimal integration between the two doc  
sections just means updating/adding links and a note about the two doc  
sections to the existing Plone Grok doc templates (I can do this). We  
can do search integration and make the documentation links more user- 
friendly over time (volunteers willing)

  - Review documentation and enhance!

     In particular there are still rough spots and holes in the Grok  
Reference. Some docs is better than no docs, so this shouldn't really  
hold back a 0.13 doc release, but the more these docs are reviewed for  
accuracy the better. We might make a note of it on the doc home page,  
but we basically have beginner, intermediate and advanced docs:

   * Beginner: Tutorial.

   * Intermediate: Developer's Notes.

   * Advanced: Reference. Useful for intermediate, but this resource  
should also be useful to more advanced users as well. This is also the  
resource I'd like to most see improved since I always forget stuff and  
would like an easy way to look up APIs and example code. I'm still  
learning more about Sphinx (which is a great  tool!), but I think  
there is a Sphinx extension API, and it would be nice to extend the  
docs capabilities so that it knows about Interfaces and Directives.

  - Doc usability: The doc navigation could use some improvements,  
e.g. there should be Next/Previous links within the Reference section,  
and ff you are in the Reference section, then the Reference tab should  
remain highlighted, etc. (these aren't show stoppers but hopefully as  
I learn more about Sphinx I'll improve this).

> I recommend we don't do the changeover this week though. We want to  
> make sure things remain running during the EuroPython sprints the  
> new few days.

Yeah, not a  problem - I've not been working on it all week :P

(I'm also holding off on the Varnish ugprade since I would guess this  
may cause some intermitent wonkyness  of the site during configuration)

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