[Grok-dev] grok.admin about to move

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Jul 10 19:31:03 EDT 2008

Hi there,

the Grok admin UI was over the last years and from the beginning a happy
roommate of all the other components in the Grok package. Now it is
growing up and just like other kids, about to leave the house of its
childhood. So, grok.admin wants to say goodbye to everybody :-)

The new address is just around the corner in the grokui.admin package in
the Zope repository.

The changes for the grok core package are as follows:

- the grok.admin subpackage will vanish

- as a result there will be no admin-UI any more when having only 
  'grok' in the dependencies of your own packages.

- you can, however, if you want to have the admin UI available, add 
  `grokui.admin` to the dependencies of your own package. Grokprojects 
  will include it by default, I think.

- the first `grokui.admin` release (0.1) happened today and will mean, 
  when installed, no difference in functionality to the old 
  `grok.admin` package. It is, however, not compatible with older Grok 
  releases (<= 0.13)!

The changes for the grok trunk are complete and ready to be merged in
the following branch:


I'd appreciate any comments and/or reviews. If there are no objections I
will merge it into the trunk on saturday.

All this does not touch users of already happened Grok releases
(<=0.13). It is only relevant for users of the current development
version (0.14dev) and future releases.

Kind regards,


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