[Grok-dev] Grok patterns for content types

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Jul 13 18:47:50 EDT 2008


I'm interested in experimenting with Grok-like patterns in Zope 2 and 
Plone. In particular, I want to try to make it possible to build a 
content type from a schema interface, a class for the persistent object, 
a default view, and edit form and an add form.

What is the current "canonical" pattern for this in Grok? I have skimmed 
some of the documentation, but I'd quite like to see an example or have 
it spelled out, just so that I don't end up making incorrect assumptions.

How does Grok deal with add- and edit- forms? Is there a standard way to 
do "configure-and-create" add forms without having to duplicate an edit 

Finally, I'm curious about how Grok implements the logic that says a 
view defined in the same module as a content type/model class defaults 
to being a view for that content type, and a template with the same name 
as the view ends up being the template for that view.

Is there some standard support for this in martian or grokcore.component?


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