[Grok-dev] Re: grokproject 0.8 released

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Mon Jul 14 15:49:05 EDT 2008

Hi Peter,

Peter Bengtsson, on 2008-07-14:
> Hi Philipp,
> I tried it and it worked fine. I got a bunch of errors and warnings
> but everything got set up just fine in the end anway. Full output
> pasted below.

I did not see any output.  You may have forgotten to add it, or the
gmane news server removed it, or my news reader is too old.

> Two things though:
>  * What happened to the functional test stub? Tim, Mauritz and myself
> added a empty stub that uses z3c.testsetup and Martijn reviewed it
> over our shoulder at the Grokkerdam sprint.

When I create a grok project called foo I see foo/src/foo/app.txt
which starts like this:

   Do a functional doctest test on the app.

   :Test-Layer: functional

   Let's first create an instance of Foo at the top level:

If that is what you mean, then it is there.  bin/test gives me three
passing tests:

  $ bin/test 
  Running tests at level 1
  Running foo.FunctionalLayer tests:
    Set up foo.FunctionalLayer in 2.083 seconds.
    Ran 3 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 0.178 seconds.
  Tearing down left over layers:
    Tear down foo.FunctionalLayer ... not supported

Did you mean a different file?

> * The generated file tests.py uses z3c.testsetup (and of course entry
> in setup.py) but this can be replaced by the now grok-builtin
> grok.testing
> This is easy to fix and I'm willing to help but I wanted to check with
> you first.

If grok.testing is the new recommended way to go, I would say go ahead
and do your changes on grokproject trunk.

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