[Grok-dev] Re: z3c.pt in Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Jul 28 09:09:57 EDT 2008


Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> First of all, rendering speed is a lower priority for me than
> learning Grok but when I saw this I got really excited: "Casual
> benchmarks pegs it 11x more performant than zope.pagetemplate."

Don't get *too* excited by casual benchmarks, and treat all benchmarks
as casual ones. :)

But yes, template rendering can be done more quickly than
zope.pagetemplate definitely. It depends on your application whether
this should actually speed up performance of the whole thing a lot, but
it sounds like a good idea to try.

> It doesn't support METAL but Viewlets will surely solve that anyway. 
> I also saw Lennarts how-to how to replace the templating language in 
> Grok so perhaps with that I could get going with z3c.pt myself. 
> However, have other people tried this? What were your results and 
> impressions? Does it work well with viewlets?

I haven't tried this myself. I'd love to hear feedback from people who
have. Lennart's how-to on how to introduce a new template language is
definitely the way to go. Just introduce a new file extension for z3c.pt 
and experiment away.

I'd love people to try out our template pluggability a bit more. I'm 
sure it's imperfect, as nobody is using it for real purposes yet as far 
as I'm aware, and the only way to get it ready is to try to make it 
support z3c.pt, and Jinja, and do a real world project with Genshi, etc.



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