[Grok-dev] 0.14 todo list

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Jul 28 13:38:23 EDT 2008

Hi there,

A while ago I wrote a wishlist for improvements in Grok 0.14. We've had 
some discussion then, and some more development, so let's turn this into 
a TODO list:

* grokcore.view - useful in five.grok, but also useful as a stand-alone 
component in a Zope 3 context. (Godefroid Chapelle, Lennart Regebro, 
Philip von Weitershausen). We need to push this towards a release and 
merge this with the Grok trunk. Looks like Philipp made some headway 
towards separating out something like grokcore.form as well.

* grok.skin directive on interfaces that subclass IBrowserRequest 
(Jan-Wijbrand Kolman). This should result in a simplification of the way 
skins work in Grok, reflecting better the way they actually work in Zope 3.

* WSGI in Grok (Philipp as driver)

* Paster to start Grok (Philipp as driver)

* Development/deployment profiles with useful WSGI middleware (Philipp 
as driver)

* relative REST, i.e. optionally exposing something like <content>/rest/ 
  for REST access (Craeg Strong as driver. Craeg, do please start a 
design discussion. Could possibly also be done as a Grok extension)

Anything else to put on the list? I think we should get 0.14 out of the 
door sometime in september, and the WSGI stuff is already quite 
ambitious, but if we have people willing to do the work we can certainly 
consider more.



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