[Grok-dev] Re: 0.14 todo list

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Jul 28 17:39:05 EDT 2008

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> A while ago I wrote a wishlist for improvements in Grok 0.14. We've had 
> some discussion then, and some more development, so let's turn this into 
> a TODO list:
> * grokcore.view - useful in five.grok, but also useful as a stand-alone 
> component in a Zope 3 context. (Godefroid Chapelle, Lennart Regebro, 
> Philip von Weitershausen). We need to push this towards a release and 
> merge this with the Grok trunk. Looks like Philipp made some headway 
> towards separating out something like grokcore.form as well.
> * grok.skin directive on interfaces that subclass IBrowserRequest 
> (Jan-Wijbrand Kolman). This should result in a simplification of the way 
> skins work in Grok, reflecting better the way they actually work in Zope 3.
> * WSGI in Grok (Philipp as driver)
> * Paster to start Grok (Philipp as driver)
> * Development/deployment profiles with useful WSGI middleware (Philipp 
> as driver)
> * relative REST, i.e. optionally exposing something like <content>/rest/ 
>   for REST access (Craeg Strong as driver. Craeg, do please start a 
> design discussion. Could possibly also be done as a Grok extension)
> Anything else to put on the list? I think we should get 0.14 out of the 
> door sometime in september, and the WSGI stuff is already quite 
> ambitious, but if we have people willing to do the work we can certainly 
> consider more.

I can't really contribute, but I just wanted to say that this makes me 
really, really excited. :)

I think 0.14 sounds like the release where I would seriously consider 
Grok for a project, and grokcore.view sounds like something Plone badly 
needs. I'll buy anyone who works on it a beer at the Plone conference if 
Grok-like views work by the time I give my talk. :)


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