[Grok-dev] feedback of mod_wsgi and repoze.grok

Vincent Fretin vincent.fretin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 05:09:15 EDT 2008


I tested mod_wsgi and repoze.grok. My main goal is to use it to serve
a grokstar instance, but for now grokstar lack an auth functionnality,
so I can't use it right now.
For now I don't have a rest blog to post my feedback, so I've attached
it in .rst and the html generated.
I spend lots of hours reading mod_wsgi documentation, fixing errors
and writing this tutorial-like feedback. So I hope it will be useful!
You can modify, copy what have written and eventually update the grok
tutorial with it.

Oh and I didn't presented myself. I'm french, 22 years old. I just
finished my university studies in informatic. I begin working for real
next week in a young very small compagny doing Plone sites. I'll try
using some of grok techno with Plone. ;-)

Best regards
Vincent Fretin
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