[Grok-dev] ZCML (was: 0.14 todo list)

Jan Ulrich Hasecke juhasecke at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 31 01:57:42 EDT 2008

Hi all,

the following is no answer to Roberts statement, I am quite sure that  
he does not meant it the way I understood it. It is addressed to the  
whole Grok community.

Am 31.07.2008 um 03:23 schrieb Robert Gravina:
> ZCML is dead! Long live the Grok!

I am more and more uneasy about these statements, though only about  
the first part. ;-)

If you get an application from someone else, you only have to look  
into the ZCML-files and you will soon understand the architecture of  
the application. The redundancy which violates the DRY-law, seems to  
me helpful if you read the application.

Writing ZCML sucks, but it sucks if you do it with vim, emacs or  
whatever editor you like. If we had a ZCML-aware IDE, it would be  
possible to build a valid ZCML-file with a few mouse clicks.

If you take the ZCML-files as a blueprint of your application, it  
seems to me a clean tool to master really big an complex  
applications. I cannot foster this with my own experience, but I've  
heard people say that ZCML saved their lives.

And from a marketing point of view these statements are really bad.  
How shall I solicit Zope, if more and more people tell me that the  
tool that hold all these components together sucks? How shall I  
convey trust to the public, if the Zope guys start to build up a new  
framework every five years?

Let Grok smash ZCML, it is nice to have more than one way to build  
web applications, but don't curse ZCML.


DZUG e.V. (Deutschsprachige Zope User Group)

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