[Grok-dev] Re: ZCML

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jul 31 09:18:01 EDT 2008


Robert Gravina wrote:
> Being able to override configuration is very powerful... perhaps I 
> should learn a bit more about ZCML and the motivations behind it before 
> declaring it dead :) I'll go dust off my copy of Weitershausen and spend 
> some quality time with it I think :)

While you do this, perhaps you'd like to investigate the following for 
us. ZCML has an 'includeOverrides' directive. This allows you to include 
a ZCML file that overrides the configuration you already have, for 
instance registering a different view with the same name.

For a long time I thought that Grok lacks this feature, but recently I 
realized that it probably does, as it's fully compatible with ZCML now.

Here's a sketch of the experimental setup:

You could have two modules, a and b, and a configure.zcml and a 
configure_b.zcml. Now in configure.zcml you simply use the ZCML grok 
directive to grok module a. Then you do an includeOverrides of 
configure_b.zcml, in which you use the grok directive to grok module b. 
In module b you have a different view for the same context and with the 
same name and layer, just displaying a different text. If 
includeOverrides works, you should get no configuration conflict and you 
should see this second view. If this works, Grok supports overrides. :)



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