[Grok-dev] what to use for examples of adapters?

eric casteleijn thisfred at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 04:35:07 EDT 2008

>  - How does one try out and run the test suite of five.grok?  I
>    downloaded it and ran "python2.4 bootstrap.py", and got the
>    error... oh, wait, never mind, the error about not being able to get
>    a suitable distribution of "buildout" disappeared.  It's now happily
>    building out.  ... 5 test failures.  They were ugly ones.  I'll look
>    over the package tomorrow.

I'm not sure about the status of five.grok at this point, I'm ashamed to 
say, but I believe it only works with the trunk of grokcore (after 
Philikon kindly updated it to work with the new martian/grokcore). I'd 
suggest looking at the tests to see what's there and how it's used, but 
I fear it won't be enough to base an explanation of adapters on.

- eric casteleijn

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