[Grok-dev] Re: Namespace packages tutorial with grok?

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 5 05:53:29 EDT 2008

Kenneth Miller wrote:
> All,
>      Does anyone have any interest in a tutorial that shows you how to 
> make your grok app source within a namespace package?
> Regards,
> xkenneth

Hi Ken,

while you are at this: how about adding a template for this
to ZopeSkel. Currently we have

ritz at ritz-laptop:~/dev/paster$ paster create --list-templates
Available templates:
   archetype:          A Plone project that uses Archetypes
   basic_namespace:    A project with a namespace package
   basic_package:      A basic setuptools-enabled package
   basic_zope:         A Zope project
   nested_namespace:   A project with two nested namespaces.
   paste_deploy:       A web application deployed through paste.deploy
   plone:              A Plone project
   plone2.5_buildout:  A buildout for Plone 2.5 projects
   plone2.5_theme:     A Theme for Plone 2.5
   plone2_theme:       A Theme Product for Plone 2.1 & Plone 2.5
   plone3_buildout:    A buildout for Plone 3 projects
   plone3_portlet:     A Plone 3 portlet
   plone3_theme:       A Theme for Plone 3.0
   plone_app:          A Plone App project
   plone_hosting:      Plone hosting: buildout with ZEO and any Plone 
   recipe:             A recipe project for zc.buildout
   silva_buildout:     A buildout for Silva projects

Maybe some skeletons for Grok would fit in here as well?


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