[Grok-dev] Another idea for promoting Grok

Kamon Ayeva kamon.ayeva at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 09:19:43 EDT 2008

Hi all,

This is not a technical post, it's about our community and the future of
Grok and some idea.

We all know the value of Grok and the Zope 3 technologies it is based on.
But I face the current issue : How do I convince people around me to invest
in (or at least evaluate) Grok ?
Many people around us have discovered Django or Pylons or TG (to only name
those) and it seems difficult to talk about anything Zope to them.

To be more precise, how do I do that, IF
1) I am not currently paid to do Grok work, partly because it is difficult
to sell it to a potentiel customer (but what we want is solve this, isn't
2) I cannot do much to promote Grok in Python or Zope-related events,
because I cannot justify the bandwidth partly because of 1). For example, it
would be difficult for me to go to EuroPython this year and help improve
3) etc...

Sigh ! You get the picture....

I think I have an idea.

What do you think about more regular meetings where some volunteer could
present Grok to the others, like what Peter did at the London Python
I think it should be centered around Grok (and let say you will have 2 or 3
presentations of 30-mn each). More importantly, this would happen in
countries (with the help of a Python User Group or a local Zope company).
The point really is getting Grok to people (local presence) instead of
having the people meet Grok developers and promoters only once a year if
they get the chance to go to a Zope or Python event.

In my case, I can look at an opportunity to have such a session in Paris,
lead it and communicate about it. If this could happen in a bi-monthly base
and spread all around the world, it would make us more visible as a
community. More, it would make us approachable.

What do you think ? Of course, we can also have sessions where you have a
mix of Django or Pylons presentations with Grok, so that the attender can
compare ! What is imporant is to make Grok visible.

Kind regards,
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