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On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 5:22 PM, Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com>

> Kamon Ayeva wrote:
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> Yes, it's a chicken and egg problem. There are a number of places where it
> needs to be tackled: on the internet, at international events, and, as you
> point out, locally.

<snip... />

> Now on to your point:
>  What do you think about more regular meetings where some volunteer could
>> present Grok to the others, like what Peter did at the London Python
>> meeting.
>  I think it should be centered around Grok (and let say you will have 2 or
>> 3 presentations of 30-mn each). More importantly, this would happen in
>> countries (with the help of a Python User Group or a local Zope company).
>> The point really is getting Grok to people (local presence) instead of
>> having the people meet Grok developers and promoters only once a year if
>> they get the chance to go to a Zope or Python event.
>> In my case, I can look at an opportunity to have such a session in Paris,
>> lead it and communicate about it. If this could happen in a bi-monthly base
>> and spread all around the world, it would make us more visible as a
>> community. More, it would make us approachable.
>  What do you think ? Of course, we can also have sessions where you have a
>> mix of Django or Pylons presentations with Grok, so that the attender can
>> compare ! What is imporant is to make Grok visible.
> I think this is an excellent idea. Giving people the feeling that there are
> people locally that use Grok should help quite a bit to gain wider attention
> and thus hopefully adoption, I think.
> It's a good point in the evolution of Grok too. I think technology-wise
> Grok can compete with anything else in the Python world at this point; since
> we're building on top of Zope 3 we're probably starting to pull ahead in
> some areas already. That doesn't mean we should stop improving Grok (or its
> documentation!); there's still a huge amount of stuff to do, but we should
> recognize we're actually doing quite well.
> I haven't paid enough of attention to local events here, but that's a
> mistake, I think. Accidentally almost we've had a semi-local event here due
> to the Grokkerdam sprint, and I did talk about Grok in its very early days
> in late '06 at a Dutch python user group (PUN) meeting.
> You mention a bi-monthly base. Do you propose people organize such a thing
> in their local user groups every two months? In many places (including the
> Netherlands), we're lucky if we get python user group meeting twice a year.
> :)
> This might be a good way to drive up the frequency, though. I'll kick off
> the organization of another PUN meeting.

I propose we exploit every possible planned Python meeting to present Grok +
try when possible to have additional ones dedicated to Grok.
In France, I will talk to the fench UG for that. And I will also see if
something is possible with my company.
We could add the information of these various events, when planned, on the
wiki, and then of course blog about them.

> By the way, if local users groups want to invite me to give a talk and
> they'll help a little with the costs of travel and such, I'd be happy to
> come over and give a talk. (If you want to do more, we can talk about
> organizing a training session, too.)

Of course, this is definitely something to do.

-- Kamon
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