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Kamon Ayeva kamon.ayeva at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 09:11:18 EDT 2008

Thanks Limi.
I'm re-posting to the list.

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 9:55 AM, Alexander Limi <limi at plone.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 06:19:43 -0700, Kamon Ayeva <kamon.ayeva at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>  We all know the value of Grok and the Zope 3 technologies it is based on.
>> But I face the current issue : How do I convince people around me to
>> invest
>> in (or at least evaluate) Grok ?
>> Many people around us have discovered Django or Pylons or TG (to only name
>> those) and it seems difficult to talk about anything Zope to them.
> My approach would be:
> "No, it's not based on Zope — it's using some of the Zope libraries for
> Component Architecture, etc". That's one way of looking at it that lets
> people understand that it's NOT the Zope 2 they tried N years ago and hated.
> Framing it like this will highlight the difference from Zope 2, which is
> that Zope 3 is essentially a collection of libraries to most Zope 3
> developers.


>  To be more precise, how do I do that, IF
>> 1) I am not currently paid to do Grok work, partly because it is difficult
>> to sell it to a potentiel customer (but what we want is solve this, isn't
>> ;))
>> 2) I cannot do much to promote Grok in Python or Zope-related events,
>> because I cannot justify the bandwidth partly because of 1). For example,
>> it
>> would be difficult for me to go to EuroPython this year and help improve
>> things.
>> 3) etc...
> Getting Grok into the hands of developers in "established" markets such as
> the Plone one (go five.grok!) would help with the legitimacy part, and also
> bring lots of new developers.

It is true that developers that would like the Grok way of doing, and start
using it in their current developments (for instance in Plone-land) would
help promote it, and would easily try Grok-the-web-framework.
And, with a bit of effort, we can make 2009 the year of Grok.

Spread the mantra from Lennart: "... Zope has been fixed !" ;)

> five.grok-sprint-at-europython-please-ly yours, ;)
> --
> Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

-- Kamon
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