[Grok-dev] publishing the sphinx driven documentation

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jun 12 08:17:47 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I really would like to get the Sphinx-based documentation out of the door.

So, we need volunteers to:

* evaluate the current grokdoc work on the trunk

* figure out a structure similar to python.org where documentation is 
published for each release, with the latest release being the default. 
Extend grokdoc to do this if this is necessary.

* open up an area on grok.zope.org for this to be published.

* the tutorial and the developer's notes, and a few other .rst files in 
Grok's "doc" directory in SVN will be published that way. They need to 
disappear on the Plone part of grok.zope.org.

* the Plone site should have links into this site, at least to the 
'current' version of the documentation, and also a link to the 
historical documentation.

* the publication should happen in a grok-like layout. Nothing fancy, 
just something of a continuation of the theme. I don't know whether 
grokdoc does this right now.

* write a document with a really simple workflow for the Grok release 
managers to follow. When they do a new Grok release, they want to type 1 
to 4 commands and have the new documentation released to the web as well.

That's the plan. The idea behind is to manage "official" documentation 
which is long, involved, and more easily mainatined in SVN and per-Grok 
version, indeed in that place. Documentation currently on the Plone site 
could also be updated to this status, if we get the appropriate people 
who want to do the job of maintaining it i SVN.

Someone needs to push this thing forward until it is there. I don't 
think it's very much work, but it does involve quite a few details. Who 
is volunteering? Hopefully we can get this workflow into place by the 
time we release Grok 0.13, which is soon.



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