[Grok-dev] Re: Grokstar

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jun 12 09:00:33 EDT 2008

Hey Graham,

Graham Stratton wrote:
> I've spent some time making Grokstar into a more usable blogging 
> application. 

Very cool! I know Robert Marianski has also made improvements to 
Grokstar in the zope.org SVN, how synched up are you with that?

> It's still missing a lot of features, I've cut some of the 
> original ideas, and the code contains a lot of cruft, but it is now 
> usable. An instance is running at 
> http://grahamstratton.org/straightornamental/
> The code is available at http://trac.assembla.com/grokstar/browser/trunk
> Are people happy for me to associate the Grokstar name with my work or 
> should I rename the project?

I'm very happy to see people hack on Grokstar, and I don't think we have 
enough of a community to support a fork. What I'd like is to see all 
hacking on Grokstar happen in one place.

So we just have to figure out where to do the hacking. My own preference 
would still be the original place in svn.zope.org as this has the 
largest amount of Grok hackers who can potentially check in. For some 
reason you didn't do your work there. Could you explain why? Could we do 
something to make you want to do your work there?

> Features
> --------
> - A viewlet-based interface
> - Comments on articles
> - Emailing when comments added
> - Syntax highlighting using Pygments
> - Preview of comments and articles
> - An RSS feed
> I'm intending to keep developing the project and to demonstrate as much 
> good clubbing technique as possible, so any feedback would be great.

It's really cool to see all this work done on Grokstar! It starts to 
look like I might move my blog to it. :)

Anyway, what I'd like to do is pool the efforts, such as there are. 
That's mostly you, and a bit of Robert Marianski. If I start to use it 
as my own blogging software, it'd also include me.



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