[Grok-dev] Re: 0.14 wishlist items

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Jun 13 11:21:07 EDT 2008

The use case the way I see it is to allow the same data export and  
import that can be done with an RDB, nothing more. Granted the  
hierarcical structure with containers makes it slightly more tricky.  
Anyway, I still have my "add value index type with tests" assignment  
to finish... :p still, this is a feature I need.

Mvh Sebastian

13 jun 2008 kl. 17.05 skrev Martijn Faassen:

> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> 13 jun 2008 kl. 16.48 skrev Martijn Faassen:
>>> What other wishlist items do we have for 0.14?
>> -import/export of content objects and annotations
> A ZODB level import/export like we have in Zope 2 could be made to  
> work, I imagine. Would indeed be a nice feature. We need to think  
> through the security implications. In Zope 2 the system goes through  
> hoops to only allow import from a special 'import' directory on the  
> filesystem, not directly from the web UI.
> This is in part because Zope 2 allows you to import *code*,  
> something that a typical Grok application won't let you. As long as  
> the import/export is a manager function, especially if it can be  
> turned off in deployment mode, we should be all right in offering it  
> in a TTW UI.
> We need someone to implement this though. :)
> Regards,
> Martijn
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