[Grok-dev] Re: Grokstar

Graham Stratton gns24 at mythic-beasts.com
Fri Jun 13 22:17:38 EDT 2008

Danny Navarro wrote:
> Actually I have been intermittently playing with Grokstar code. I'm  
> very interested in learning Grok by tweaking Grokstar. In July I'm  
> getting some time to work on it.
> You have implemented all the features I could think of adding to  
> GrokStar. What are the plans for GrokStar next? Is there anything  
> easy I could try to do for GrokStar?

Hi Danny,

I'm sure if you start using Grokstar you'll find plenty of things to  
improve. Off the top of my head:

- More tests
- Moderation/deletion of comments
- OpenID login for leaving comments
- Live search with AJAX (maybe we could steal some code from the Plone  
search? BTW, what is best practice for viewlets which require  
javascript libraries to be included?)
- Add/edit links when logged in (at the moment you have to append '/ 
edit' to URLs manually)
- Multiple users/user management?
- Ability to manually set publication date of entries
- Ability to configure mail server (currently assumed to be on port 25  
of localhost)
- Render stuff that's above the fold first, to stop the right  
navigation bar appearing a few seconds after the rest of the page!
- Put all the above into an issue tracker ;-)

If you want to do work immediately you'll need to work out of the  
repository I referenced earlier. I'm trying to merge my changes so  
that I can check the code into svn.zope.org, but I haven't managed it  



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