[Grok-dev] Re: AttributeError: type object 'ISessionDataContainer' has no attribute 'isOrExtends'

Graham Stratton gns24 at mythic-beasts.com
Sun Jun 15 05:27:46 EDT 2008

Sebastian Ware wrote:

> I searched the mailing list archive and found this by PvW:
> """
>> "/Users/graham/.buildout/eggs/zope.app.appsetup-3.4.1-py2.4.egg/ 
>> zope/app/appsetup/bootstrap.py", line 80, in ensureUtility
>>   utils = [reg for reg in sm.registeredUtilities()
>> AttributeError: type object 'IClientIdManager' has no attribute  
>> 'isOrExtends'
>> I'd like to keep my data; how can I go about getting the ZODB into  
>> a working state?
> You're missing zope.app.session (and possibly  
> zope.app.securitypolicy as well) which were moved to zope.session  
> and zope.securitypolicy recently.  If you make your application  
> depend explicitly on those two zope.app packages, it shoudl work  
> again.
> """

FWIW, I'm pretty sure that adding those two packages didn't fix the  
issue for me. I ended up changing data structures anyway, so it was  
easiest to copy the data to a clean ZODB.


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