[Grok-dev] Re: AttributeError: type object 'ISessionDataContainer' has no attribute 'isOrExtends'

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Jun 16 07:24:00 EDT 2008

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
> 2008/6/15 Graham Stratton <gns24 at mythic-beasts.com>:
>> FWIW, I'm pretty sure that adding those two packages didn't fix the issue
>> for me. I ended up changing data structures anyway, so it was easiest to
>> copy the data to a clean ZODB.
> Yes! Thank you! That worked. I just realised that the data in my
> Data.fs was all just dummy stuff anyway.
> I deleted it (and had to re-run buildout which sucks) and restart and
> voila it works again.

Hm, it is a sucky issue if that's the only way out of it...

Is this one an issue on launchpad? We need to do two things:

* some volunteer needs to go in an add those dependencies back to 0.12 
branch and trunk. this needs to be done soon, as we'll have a 0.13 
release soon. Unfortunately SVN is down.

* we need to report Peter's issue to launchpad with as much data we can 
dig up from this thread as we can. Peter?



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