[Grok-dev] Re: Performance of OrderedContainer

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Jun 20 12:09:13 EDT 2008

Gary Poster wrote:
> On Jun 20, 2008, at 10:23 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Without a volunteer who promises to do the actual work, I suggest we 
>> simply go with what we have now.
> Understood.

I know you do, I wasn't suggesting you write it, it's just we need 
*someone* to write it. This is past of my endless quest to get people to 
volunteer and contribute. :)

> I'm happy to review code, but I won't be writing this now.  If I did, it 
> would be a new ordered mapping going into zc.dict with an API inspired 
> by the Plone API, rather than a "container".

Yes, that would be a nice way to go forward. Thanks by the way for 
chipping in, I don't mean to discourage that at all. I'm just trying to 
bend this discussion towards something with a tangible result, and that 
needs a time investment from someone.



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