[Grok-dev] Re: browsing and modifying persistent objects in zodb

cstrong at arielpartners.com cstrong at arielpartners.com
Fri Jun 20 14:44:36 EDT 2008


> Introspection is being worked
> on as part of the GSOC program, but we're also looking at the
> modification use case. Basically, what you're looking for (and we, too!)
> is a simple CRUD management interface for the data, independent of any
> screens that the developer might have written. I believe Martijn and
> Joachim Schmitz worked on something like this called megrok.crud (an
> extension to Grok) at the Grokkerdam sprint.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean, I want CRUD.  Such a facility doesn't
have to be beautiful, just functional.

I would love to see a simple version and then start enhancing it,
gradually adding things like XHR/AJAX for painless updates, pagination,

I bet if even a simple/primitive version of this were to land in an
official Grok release, people would start to use it and send suggestions
and enhancements (I, for one).

It would be a nice easy place to contribute because it is not part of the
core grok engine but rather just a bundled application/control panel.


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