[Grok-dev] Re: Simpler Buildout configuration?

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Mon Jun 23 14:12:59 EDT 2008

--On 23. Juni 2008 16:34:03 +0200 Philipp von Weitershausen 
<philipp at weitershausen.de> wrote:

> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> I am currently trying to figure out how a buildout.cfg using multiple
>> Grok apps should look like.
> Do you want just one Zope instance with multiple applications or a Zope
> instance for each application?

One Zope instance with several Grok apps.

>> The buildout.cfg generated by grokproject
>> contains lot of (ugly) ZCML stuff (site.zcml) and it is not straight
>> forward where and how add another application.
> Yes. zc.zope3recipes sucks :(
> I personally strongly dislike ZCML within my buildout.cfg. So what I
> typically do is put site.zcml *inside* my application package. Then the
> site.zcml option of zc.zope3recipes in buildout.cfg is just:
>    site.zcml = <include package="foobar" file="site.zcml" />
> This, of course, only makes sense if that particular package is meant to
> drive the whole instance (which is always the case for my apps).
>> Is there some recipes available or in the making in order to simply
>> the configuration? When we look at the Plone world then you can
>> create a (nice) skeleton using Zopeskel. Adding some more products
>> just requires an additional line to the eggs option (and possibly the
>> configuration of the zcml slug).
> Same here, really. If you want multiple applications to live within the
> same instance, just add more eggs to the 'eggs' line of your [app]
> section and add another include to your site.zcml (which corresponds to
> creating another slug, but without all the indirection).

Sounds like a task for recipe.


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