[Grok-dev] Re: Grok 0.13 released!

Toni Mueller support at oeko.net
Tue Jun 24 05:57:07 EDT 2008


On Tue, 24.06.2008 at 11:51:41 +0200, Uli Fouquet <uli at gnufix.de> wrote:
> David Bain wrote:
> > I love this document. It mentions 0.13 all of 5 times at the top of
> > the document.

that notwithstanding, it says "This How-to applies to:   Any version."
right at the top.

> One thing that confuses me: I tried to tag the document (the
> grok.testing how-to) as belonging to 0.13 (this way mentioning 0.13 a
> sixth time ;-). When I did so, it appeared as outdated.

Could the problem mentioned above probably be the fallout from this
problem you're having?

Kind regards,

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