[Grok-dev] "The weird classes we couldn't categorize yet"

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Jun 25 01:32:58 EDT 2008

I started filling out some of the missing bits in the Grok Reference,  
and began wondering about the categorization of Grok components. Right  
now the Table of Contents looks like this:

     * Components
           o Core components
                 + grok.Model
                 + grok.Container
                 + grok.Application
           o Adapters
                 + grok.Adapter
                 + grok.MultiAdapter
                 + grok.Annotation
           o Utilities
                 + grok.GlobalUtility
                 + grok.LocalUtility
                 + grok.Site
           o Views
                 + grok.View
                 + grok.JSON
                 + grok.XMLRPC
                 + grok.Traverser
                 + grok.PageTemplate
                 + grok.PageTemplateFile
           o Forms
                 + grok.Form
                 + grok.AddForm
                 + grok.EditForm
                 + grok.DisplayForm
           o Security
                 + Permission
                 + grok.define_permission() – define a permission
                 + Role
           o Uncategorized
                 + grok.Indexes

There is also a comment for Uncategorized to the effect of, "The weird  
classes we couldn't categorize yet" :)

So where does grok.Indexes go?

My first instinct was that it should be in Core components, two reasons:

  - An indexes purpse is to make it faster to access and manipulate  
your Model objects, so Index and Model are related in function
  - An index and a model are both persistent, so they are related in  
terms of storage

Then I thought, "Core components" is kind of generic, all of these  
components are Persistent, they are components that when you are  
working with you have to think about in terms of disk speed, storage,  
backing up, import, export, etc. so how about "Persistent" instead?  
But then there are a couple more persistent components, Site and  
LocalUtility? Where do they go? "Persistent Utiliitiy"?


Ideas? Suggestions?

   * Components
     * Persistent
           o grok.Application
           o grok.Model
           o grok.Container
           o grok.Indexes
     * Utility
           o grok.GlobalUtility
     * Persistent Utility
           o grok.LocalUtility
           o grok.Site
     * Adapter
           o grok.Adapter
           o grok.MultiAdapter
           o grok.Annotation
     * View
           o grok.View
           o grok.JSON
           o grok.XMLRPC
           o grok.Traverser
           o grok.PageTemplate
           o grok.PageTemplateFile
     * Form
           o grok.Form
           o grok.AddForm
           o grok.EditForm
           o grok.DisplayForm
     * Security
           o grok.Permission
           o grok.Role

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