[Grok-dev] "The weird classes we couldn't categorize yet"

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Wed Jun 25 07:28:24 EDT 2008

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 2:32 AM, Kevin Teague <kevin at bud.ca> wrote:


I'd put all the utilities back together in the same category.

For the first category, instead of "Persistent" we could use "Data",
meaning, those classes are mainly used to hold the data in our apps
(and indexes also hold data).

I think it is very important for the newbie to know right away whether
a certain class is persistent or not, because that is an important
clue about how it should be used. I just don't think that distinction
should be made in the name of the category, but in each class. For

* Components
  * Data
        o grok.Application [persistent]
        o grok.Model [persistent]
        o grok.Container [persistent]
        o grok.Indexes [persistent]
  * Utility
        o grok.GlobalUtility
        o grok.LocalUtility [persistent]
        o grok.Site [persistent]
  * Adapter
        o grok.Adapter
        o grok.MultiAdapter
        o grok.Annotation
  * View
        o grok.View
        o grok.JSON
        o grok.XMLRPC
        o grok.Traverser
        o grok.PageTemplate
        o grok.PageTemplateFile
  * Form
        o grok.Form
        o grok.AddForm
        o grok.EditForm
        o grok.DisplayForm
  * Security
        o grok.Permission
        o grok.Role



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