[Grok-dev] grok.Interface?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Wed Jun 25 19:55:36 EDT 2008

Has making zope.interface.Interface available as grok.Interface been

I sure do import the zope.interface package a lot, and most of the time it's
so that I can declare a new Interface. And most of the time I've already
imported the grok package. This could change code from this:

  import grok
  from zope import interface

  class IHome(interface.Interface): pass  
  class Cave(grok.Model): pass

Into this:

  import grok

  class IHome(grok.Interface): pass  
  class Cave(grok.Model): pass

I guess this breaks the grok.Capname convention of providing base classes
for components, since grok.Interface doesn't need to be grokked, isn't a
component, etc. And maybe there are other reasons that this is silly idea?

But I like the idea of doing fewer imports for very commonly used stuff :)

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