[Grok-dev] publishing the sphinx driven documentation

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu Jun 26 00:31:43 EDT 2008

I've started to do some work on the Sphinx docs (yay!) and will help  
to look after this project so that it can be ready for 0.14.

The only URL that we didn't account for in the previous discussion was  
for the latest, current development version. I've just put the Apache  
rewrite rule in place, and made a /doc/dev/ URL to point to the latest  
doc build from trunk (so that folks too lazy to go a grok trunk  
checkout, run ./bin/grokdocs2html and open a file in build/html/ can  
preview the current OGD build):


I'm not sure how widely we want to link to this yet. If we are  
updating /doc/current and /doc/0.14 for a new release, it's possible  
the /doc/dev/ gets neglected and occaissionaly points to an dev build.  
I guess setting up a nightly cron-job to refresh this build from trunk  
isn't too hard though ...

(Note that I've only just started to tidy up the CSS - there are still  
lots of funky looking bits and odd colours, so I'm going to keep  
tweaking this.)

(I'll put together notes on the Official Grok Docs (OGD) update  
process. I noticed that the "Releasing Grok" notes are in the  
Community docs section, can I move this to /project/ since that  
section is intended to be for information about how the running of  
Grok project?)

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